Duo  Two-Step Verification Manager Log In

Duo Two-Step Verification Manager

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My Settings & Devices

Add additional devices, update your default device and more.

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Generate Passcodes

Create a set of 10 passcodes you can use to log in in the future.

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VPN Device Aliases

Look up the aliases (e.g., ‘phone1’, ‘push1’) presented during a VPN login.

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Resync Your Hardware Token(s)

If you are encountering an “Incorrect passcode. Please try again” message, follow these steps.

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Recover My Duo Two-Step Verification

Use this option if your only previously enrolled device has been lost or stolen, you started enrolling a device but could not complete the enrollment process, or you uninstalled the Duo Mobile App. You will need the device you are ready to enroll.